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Subject: 21 March 2019 Safety Meeting make up
Date: March 22nd 2019

Safety Meeting make up

If you did not attend the AOPA Safety Seminar on 21 March 2019, you will be required to take an AOPA Course and take two quizzes. All three of these can be found on AOPA website and links to get you to the pages will be posted.

The AOPA Course is Weather Wise: Air Masses and Fronts can be found here (http://aopa.org/training-and-safety/online-learning/online-courses/weather-wise-air-masses-and-fronts) and two quizzes Spring Weather and Non Towered Airport Ops can be found here (http://aopa.org/training-and-safety/online-learning/safety-quizzes)

The course and quizzes must have a course date of 21 March 2019 or later. We will not accept any course certificates that were taken prior to 21 March 2019. We have extended the Safety Meeting expiration date to Monday 26 March 2019.

Once you have completed the courses, please provide the office with your certificates to get credit for the Safety Meeting.

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