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Subject: Credit Card Info
Date: July 3rd 2017

To all,

MWR and Chase Credit card has severed ties. The Chase MWR card is no longer an MWR membership card. Chase should be contacting everyone that has this card about the change. We have numerous members that had their dues billed directly through Chase. As of now those dues will stop being auto billed through them. Also effected is our credit card terminal, as I believe it was also tied to Chase. We had to acquire a new system for member charges. As a result of these changes this office will be contacting all of its members to acquire 1) a new credit card # for those that was using Chase MWR card, and 2) the new system is requiring the input of the 3 digit code on back of the card, so for those that I already have a card # on, I will be calling for the 3 digit code. So be expecting a call over the next week or so.

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