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Subject: Gate Closure
Date: June 30th 2017

To all,

Gate 9 (Ride Out Rd) inbound will close today at 2 pm, until 5 am, Wednesday July 5, 2017, to allow the movement of equipment and structures to the new gate location, ¾ mile south on Rideout Road.

Gate 9 outbound will close at 6 am on Saturday, July 1, and will reopen 6 am, Sunday, July 2.

Vehicle movement into the Redstone Gateway will still be available. Goss Road will REMAIN OPEN. However, the Goss Road ENTRANCE off of Rideout Road will be closed on Saturday, July 1, from 6 am until Sunday, July 2 at 6 am.

Gate 8 (Goss Rd) will be the 24 X 7 access point during this time.

On Monday, July 3rd, all inbound gates, except Gate 9, will be operating for normal duty hours.

Tuesday, July 4, is a national holiday in honor of Independence Day. Gate 8 will remain the 24 hour gate throughout this day.

At 5 am, Wednesday, July 5, Gate 9 will be fully open.

The Gate 9 Visitor Control Center will remain open for normal operating hours.

The old Gate 9 will not be demolished until a later date. Motorists should proceed slowly through the old gate location and approach the new gate prepared to present credentials and be cleared for access to the Arsenal.

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